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How's that Word for 2023 going for you??

Updated: Jan 27

Most who are a part of my world know that RECKONING was the word the Lord gave me to process through for 2023...sounded so powerful and cool at the time..I could picture myself doing what I loved to do; what I have been trained to do...kick demon ass with the Sword of the Spirit and take names later...LOL...Yes, I am almost 54 and can still be very naive forgetting that Reckoning is a joining together, a settling of accounts...the Lion and the Lamb must operate together in and through me, learning to bridge that gap and come together not just for the betterment of Annaliese but for the Glory of God and the people He has placed in my path~ Learning to not just take back territories in Power but in the Authority of who Christ has named me, His "Freedom Fighting Babygirl" (see last blog for that revelation...uggggg). Needing to honor the gentleness of Jesus in me as well as the warrior in me.

The lie Father revealed pretty quicky is that I have always equated gentleness with weakness, pusillanimous, timid, lack of courage types...its a first born, type A, choleric personality (fiery, leader, brave, but also can be hard) kinda thing that I am muddling through.

Its an uncomfortable change to me, it's a hard place to go for me sometimes but I am confident that the balance in me, this reckoning will be evident sooner rather than later.

Father is full of Grace over me... I have come to really understand that even in the dark places feeling alone, walking in the wilderness, trudging through valleys carrying all my baggage of religion, flesh residue, judgmental eyerolls; He is reckoning me, He is calling me forward, He is elevating His call in me, He is using me, He is refining me, He has been given by me100% permission as a fully surrendered vessel to have His way...even those dark and lovely places of my soul, they are His to shift through, to weed out revealing to me so I can repent, brush off the dirt and move on.

Only on month 4 of the RECKONING...sweet Jesus, have mercy AND have Your way~

Big A is Yours regardless, even if, until and anyways

Image with text that reads: Lord Cleanse me of anything that breaks your heart
Image of woman in water

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