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This Reckoning Thing....WOW!!

Updated: Feb 4

I woke up singing the song, "Another in the Fire" that had the word reckoning in it..."where I used to be and this reckoning, I know I'll never be alone"...."what remains of me and this reckoning" after asking Father for a 2023 Word, He spoke the word Reckoning.

Sounded like such a killer power word; persuasive, compelling and convincing all wrapped up in a cool Lioness word that just oozed confidence....Haaaaa, sometimes I am baffled at almost 54 years old that I can be so naive.

Reckoning is by definition: a dire responsibility, a settling of accounts, a joining together, a force to be reckoned with.

In just one month of receiving this word to kick off my 2023 in all demon-ass kicking power... The dirty, dark and dingy mirror of my soul called self, pride and pure disobedience has left me shaking my head in stunned horror at my lack. How will I be used to kick any demon ass when surrendering to the voice of the Father is refused?

* I have been seeing myself through the lens of my nothingness without Him...A RECKONING

* I have been shown a picture of my soul that is submitted until it gets uncomfortable...A RECKONING

* I have witnessed my own refusal to obey when prompted...A RECKONING

* I have been crushed, heartbroken and found myself wailing in repentance when I realized how much of a religious spirit still had a demonic talon in this residue of flesh...A RECKONING

In the brokenness I mourned my weakness, I was disgusted with my stubbornness, and I was terrified Father would take His voice from me. The Fear of the Lord was tangible and wrecked my heart to think that I disappointed Him because of my self-righteous excuses I was giving Him...who am I to decide these things? Such pride and arrogance rose up casting a shadow of the enemy, "Did God really say" was the echo in my spirit as I was arguing with the Lord, questioning if I even hear Him correctly...A RECKONING

But, in my crying out to the Father, in my devastated state of awareness of my unfaithfulness, He forgave me like Fathers do and said, "Daughter we needed to deal with this piece, to burn it from you, to cast it down so it won't hinder again when I need you to speak."

My prayer will continue to be; "May Annaliese decrease so You will increase Lord, may anything within me that is contrary to the word of God be brought low, may every voice that rises up against the knowledge of God in my life be burned up even if that voice is mine, may they all forget Annaliese's name as long as they remember Your name Lord" ...A RECKONING, a joining of forces as I know I am His conduit here on earth, like all His children are even if they choose not to steward that privilege. I will steward it, I will allow Him to not only name me but use me to push back against hell as He sees fit whether it's an encouraging prophetic word to someone, a healing touch of prayer, a slice with the sword of the spirit to untether someone from the enemy, a teaching, a hug from the Lion and the Lamb....A RECKONING will continue to take place in me and if it hurts, may all the Glory be unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of my faith~

Image of lion and warrior woman with text that reads: Lord give me strength

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