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Meet a few of IIFM Speakers

Anointed, Appointed and Armed

Take a moment to learn about the speakers who share the powerful work of God during events

Annaliese Mitten
Flyer for the Reckoning Roar event
Ila Dawn Foss
Flyer for the Reckoning Roar event
Andrea Kellems


Intercessor with Healing Gift and Mother to Many

Has served the Lord for many years, her whole life really. Growing up in the Lutheran Church, participated in Young life during high school and at 30 years old walked into a Spirit filled Church beginning her journey of challenge, growth and stretching limits. Serving in Pastoral care for many years, trained minister of Restoring The Foundations Deliverance Ministry and have been to several missions trips to Mexico and Africa. Andrea has 4 children, 15 grandchildren and many spiritual children that the Lord has entrusted her with. The Lord has given Andi revelation about loving ones self & loves to reveal that to others.

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