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2023 Wasn't for the Pusillanimous

Updated: Feb 4

2023 was the Year of Pressing, Crushing, Molding, Shaping, Refiners Fire, Releasing, Bowing to HIM~

  • It was the Year of Reckoning, the settling of accounts, the bringing into balance, the calling into order the Lion AND the Lamb

  • It was the year of holding our hands palm side up releasing anything we would call as ours and ensuring it is all His

  • It was the year of making 1st things 1st, not our will but His

  • It was the year to ensure we didn't step into the spirit of offense but to crucify our flesh in a greater degree...Less of us and more of Him was and is the cry of our hearts

  • It was the year of total surrender, a change of palettes, a stepping into greater consecration and holiness while rebuking religious spirits and knowing the difference between the Godliness the He requires and just appearing godly which is surface and fake

  • It was another year that culture tried to silence conviction deeming it hate

  • It was the year that one had to be unashamed, unabashed and undignified AND ok with it

  • It was the year to allow them to misunderstand you trusting Father with reputation

  • It was the year of turmoil in all areas of life; physical, emotional, spiritual and relational but trusting that Father was in control of bringing the chaos we were feeling and experiencing into the light of His freedom and releasing it ALL to Him~

2023 will go in the books for Annaliese as a Year of absolute growth with a more yielded heart, a year that I can attest that I am stronger in Him then at the beginning of the year, I hear from Holy Spirit clearer, more focused with less distractions of self, feelings of lack or any voice that wants to question, "Did God really say"?

2023 has been a year of fruit and pruning the vine to continue to create good, lasting fruit

2023 has been a year of repentance partnering with Heaven in the secret place with I AM.

A year that I intentionally continued to humble myself and crucify this flesh when it would want to take control (daily).

A year that fortified Identity in Him as His Daughter, His girl who He has made for war, a year that permission to be who He created me to be is not necessary by any family, friend or foe.

A year of transparency, vulnerability, laying down anything that exalted itself against the knowledge/Truth of Christ in my life

2023 was a Year for the Brave; The Sons and Daughters who know whom they serve, know the difference in the voice of the Good Sheppard and the Accuser of the brethren...AND know the Delegated Authority that Christ says is ours as we fight from Victory and not for Victory....Plundering Hell!

Pusillanimous is defined as: showing a lack of courage or determination;

Timid, Cowardly, Fearful, Spineless, Shrinking, Trembling, Quaking, Cowering, Faint-Hearted, Lily-Livered, Weak Kneed, Gutless, Poor-Spirited, Cowering

This is NOT us...this describes those in the world without the Hope we have~

This is for those who's eyes are on the flesh to save them, occupied with the facts and putting their trust in self and man~

This is for the enemy, this describes him and The one TRUE God sits in Heaven and laughs

2024: Dumanis, Recompense and Receive are Mine this year, the Lord gave them to me

I got a picture of a Hammer placed in my hand as I thought on 2024~

Time to breakdown walls of religion, crash through any strongholds of smoke/mirrors that the enemy tries to hold any captive.

Taking the Hammer of the Holy Spirit with the Dumanis Power of Intercession, Declaring and Decreeing AND receiving the recompense Father says is mine.

  • The Lions Den Gathering Place Father placed on my heart

  • The Locking of Arms with Anointed and Appointed Sisters in the Body of Christ

  • The Unity of the Clearwater Corridor

What a Year of Adventure it is going to be....SO BE IT!!

Image with text that reads: Should out to all of the women who are living out loud in a world that is constantly telling us to be quiet. And eagles don't take flight lessons from chickens.

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