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Updated: Feb 4

I had a dream on 11/25/22, I was giving birth and in my dream I told the Lord, "Father Im too old to give birth, to have a baby." I then woke up suddenly with the word RECKONING in my spirit and the song, "There's another in the fire" singing in my spirit at that part that says, " in the space between where I used to be and this reckoning" and " what remains of me and this reckoning". I woke up asking the Lord about that word as its not one that I use in my daily life.

I heard in my spirit, that will be your word for 2023


Hebrew word text is yithechashav from the root word chashav which means:


Combing Thoughts


A RECKONED person is someone who is strong and cannot be ignored

A man/woman to be reckoned with

Other meanings:





A settling of accounts

A summing up

We become a force to be RECKONED with against the forces of evil if we will trust our God in the midst of our trials and cooperate with Him for our good and HIs glory.

Day of RECKONING refers to the last judgement of God where we will all give an account

I told my dear friend about my word and dream as she is one who intercedes for me daily; she looked up the root words of RECKONING and gave me these encouraging words she stated:

* Father has gifted you with abilities, power, wisdom, knowledge and strength in the spirit to move forward, to give birth with a force that can not be reckoned with. As many Mothers in the Bible were older that gave birth to nations and seems your place of labor is right there in Orofino. He has now opened the delivery room doors.

I will not be like Zechariah, who spoke with doubt and unbelief when told by Gabriel his wife of old age would give birth, he needed to be muted so he could only watch and receive the Word of the Lord come to pass.

I will be like Mary, who said to the Angel, I am the Lords servant, May your word to me be fulfilled.

It not about me, all about Him.. He will qualify the called.

Image of words: She questioned her own worth, at times, because of the scars she had picked up along the journey. But then she heard God whisper, "you are mind, the daughter of the King. Don't forget who you are"

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