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Prophetic Dream 7.7.22

Updated: Feb 4

I was walking down a street with a group of people. I looked to my left, a Mom and Dad were on drugs and had a baby in stroller who was suffering as I could hear it crying uncontrollably. The mom and dad had marks all over their faces, their coloring was really bad, grayish. There were druggies all around just walking around like zombies. We were on the streets. I asked the mom and dad if I could pray with them, They said Yes... We all gathered holding hands... I started commanding anything contrary to the Word of God to go...rejection, loneliness, addiction...He started to physically get healed and I saw their color changing...they were changing before my eyes...when I was done praying, I turned to the crowd that gathered to watch and I said, "I need to know if anybody here will be speaking doubt and unbelief to them as you will die right now"...AND a big woman fell over from her chair and died. Another woman was slithering on the ground, I went and told her to "shut up in Jesus name, that doubt and unbelief had no place there", she immediately stopped manifesting... I then prayed for them for healing, job and I could see their family changing... I then said, "I have a prayer meeting, can I check on you guys" and they said Yes, I thanked them for allowing me to pray... Someone handed me a water and someone else started to surround the couple loving them, giving them Bibles and material about Jesus. I went to the next prayer meeting.

* I felt surrounded

* I knew there was a team there

* I had NO fear

* I was walking in Delegated Authority

Woman and lion and Jesus and sward says Lord give me strength

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