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Settling Is Over; NOW Shift!

Updated: Feb 4

Last year in December, I shared a word the Lord had given me to the Women at our Christmas Luncheon..It was SETTLE, SETTLE, SETTLE... Their Identity in Christ, Their Past, Their Faith and confession about what the Lord had given them, reminding my Sisters that He will surely do as He said, to settle it...might just look different then what we expected. This morning, as I was praying, taking communion and watching a teaching, I heard now: SHIFT, SHIFT, SHIFT. Last year is settled, transformation season, that metamorphose that we have been in, the transforming has been settled...NOW SHIFT... How? Open windows of your heart and let the Holy Spirit pour out as Wisdom, Revelation and Enlightenment come forward AS WE HAVE BEEN PRAYING FOR. Dont be like Zechariah, who prayed, did his "religious duties" BUT when the Lord wanted to answer his prayers, he met the Angel with doubt and unbelief and the Lord had to silence him to not speak anymore doubt as he was lining up with unbelief by the confession of his mouth. There is a partnership that is taking place; Unlikely ones will now be moved to the forefront, the humble, meek and the faithful will be rewarded, there is a shift in Power and Production. The Ekklasia will be as a city on the hill, an explosion, a breaking of strongholds over regions. Then I was watching Tim Sheets, an Apostle in the Kingdom of God, He was sharing about a vision he had saying that the Lord was calling Gladiators... they have been prepared in the secret places of prayer and intercession. Not just one Caleb or one Joshua but many...they are walking in a boldness, they revel in the battle, they are anointed Warriors, They will carry out the breaker anointings and they will be as pioneers and take territory for others in the Kingdom...forerunners pulling down strongholds. Within the Remnant Father has planted a Warrior spirit and the Decrees and Declarations are shaping territories, changing atmospheres and merging of Heaven and Earth. There is an accelerating. Streams are merging together, callings are merging together, relationships are merging together but it will not just be for a Season but for an Era; one outpouring after the other as these Gladiators walk in a functional authority... New identities to reach a harvest that is plentiful and a Spirit of Courageousness and Boldness that has never been before has surfaced. There is a resurrection to the Heirs of salvation, where bodies have been lacking and ill, where age has been an issue of the flesh, where lack has longer will there be those Moses, Abraham, Sarah and many others felt limited in the flesh due to education, age, speaking ability, finances or any narrowminded ways. Father says there is no lack, there is no helplessness or oppression. A resurrected, surrendered life walking in the supernatural shift that is now is process..A New Birthing..we are in the delivery room! New!

They are living in Resurrected power and nations will change because that shift has begun, Says the Lord

Image of battle weary woman in armor
Battle weary female in armor

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