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Laying the LIES at the Altar of Truth

Updated: Feb 4

Father, I will crawl up to the Altar of Your Word where I actively and obediently lay down any religious tradition, man-made theology and self believing lie that wants to exalt above what Your say....may they be burned, sacrificed and dust. Anything that stops my creativity in You, any high place of man-made religion, any generational place of nostalgia that holds me in a stagnant, stale place in Your Kingdom Father...burn it up.

I rebuke the lie that was spoken over me that "I have brains God gave a worm", I refuse to allow that lie from the enemy to frame my walk in the Kingdom of God or to dictate what Father can or cant use me for. No longer will that voice stop the Roar that is building in me to proclaim freedom to all You place in my path Lord. I CHOOSE to believe what You say over me, I AM Your Daughter and rebuke what any fool spoke over me or will ever speak over me...The enemy has no power over that any longer, his authority has been stripped and his territory has been cast down. I replace that barren valley in my soul with my true identity of one who is born for such a time as this....May that spot in my soul prosper and bloom in You Jesus as You are the Author and Finisher of my Faith.

*May the freshness of Your Holy Spirit breathe on me

*May new wineskins overflow in this new season of suddenlies

*May Your presence be with me in power as we move from place to place in the natural and in the spirit

*May Your word go forth as the Lion You are, sending the enemy scattering

*May ALL see and hear You Jesus

battle scarred warrior woman

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