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Father Called Me 2 things this Morning: Babygirl and Freedom Fighter

Updated: Feb 4

Guess which one made me cry?

Freedom Fighter, I can receive that with no real stretch of the imagination, I understand taking dominion, I understand setting the captives free. I know the places Father puts me, I understand with my limited intellect that I walk in His delegated authority, that He raises up the foolish to confound the wise, that He takes ashes and makes beauty, He takes weak to make strong, He takes the Woman at the Well, Rahab the Harlot, the Woman caught in adultery to speak loudly of His Great Grace and Mercy. I understand and know He has taken this filthy, discarded girl and made a Freedom Fighter. I know the Power of a Freedom Fighter, the Hell Plunder, the Territory Taker, the Reformer, the Lioness, the Amazon Warrior and I know that manifested Power has only just begun....This I know...This I can shake my head and say, Yep I know that I was created for such a time as kick demon ass wielding the Sword of the Spirit as I crush the enemy under those fancy new combat boots of mine...This I know~

BUT, Babygirl?

This is what I call my Olivia Lucille and always have, she's my mini-me, my heart...I can think of her and get welled up with tears just thinking about the gift she is from Father. There's a vulnerability to that name and a claim. She's mine..Father gave her to me to steward, care for, guide, help develop, speak Truth in Love and to correct when needed. He didn't give her to another...He hand-picked her for this Momma and my heart. My Babygirl!

Immediately when Father said this over me, my eyes stung with tears and my throat closed off catching me off guard and almost as suddenly, I said, Annaliese can you receive that word along with Freedom Fighter? and I was taken back to the other night when my friend Shannon had a vision of me that caused her pause as she stated, a Warrior I can picture but this was you bending over a beautiful flower, holding it gently, softly, gazing upon its beauty, she wasn't expecting the softness of Christ in me.

But that is Fathers claim over me, I am His Freedom Fighting Babygirl and He is proud of the onion that I am with alittle cilantro thrown in for better taste.

It is He who names me and I will receive that Babygirl name from Him even though I have never had anyone speak that over me, its an endearment that is foreign to me as even my stature contradicts that word picture....But its mine and I receive it with tears stinging my eyes but this time without the eye roll of doubt ;)

Image with text that reads: She questioned her own worth at times because of the scars she had picked up along the journey. But then she heard God whisper, You are mine, The daughter of the King. Don't forget who you are.

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