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IIFM Administrative Assistant

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I grew up with parents who know, serve and love the Lord. I feel like I have always known the Truth of the Gospel. In elementary school, I made a public declaration asking Jesus to come into my heart but I didn't really know about His Lordship until recently.


I played many sports in school and was given scholarships to play Volleyball in College where I  played for 3 years and held the title of Captain the final 2 years. I have always enjoyed being competitive and giving 100% to succeed. I thrive when I am able to concentrate on whole health; Body, Soul and Spirit. Since moving to Idaho, wholeness and healing has been my purpose. I am making Jesus my Lord, not just Savior and learning to recognize His voice over the others, learning to love myself and most importantly putting Him first. Like us all, I am a work in progress.


I recently have started working at Clearwater County Courthouse as a Deputy Court Clerk. It will be a challenging role but I look forward to growing in skill and knowledge in new areas.


My Mom has asked me to come alongside IIFM and help administrate as needed, she knows she is lacking in technological areas and if I can help support the vision then I am happy to do so

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