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Ila Dawn

IIFM Intercessor

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Ila Dawn

Ila Dawn

My Name is Ila Dawn Foss, People call me Ila Dawn.

Even at a young age I remember laying hands on the TV screen telling my mother I "was getting the anointing" as there was a tent meeting televised. 

I have always loved the Lord even as a child, I made a public declaration after a VBS when I was 13, as time went on my relationship grew colder from the circumstances of moving and not having a church home.


After having my second child who needed brain surgery when she was only 18 months old, I spent alot of time in the Hospital Prayer Room begging the Lord to spare her and I would dedicate her to Him and raise her knowing Him. He spared her and I kept my vow to Father. I went to a small church where you could hear the praise and worship as you drove up and there I dedicated myself and my family back to Him.


I have alot of people who call me "Mom" and it is an honor to be seen as such. I have 3 biological children and seven grandchildren. I was married for 53 years before Walter went to be with the Lord. I believe I've served at just about every job and role within the church body from Bus Ministry for 5 years, taught Sunday School, worked on VBS for 33 years, Praise and Worship leader with Woman's Ministry, Led Woman's Ministry for 5 years, On Worship team for Sunday services, taught many different classes from deliverance, co-dependency, forgiveness and the art of controlling your tongue...and many more.

I am a Prophet and a Warrior of the Lords, I know who I am in Him and love walking arm to help set people free. I believe the Lord is bringing a message of Power, Signs, Wonders and Miracles in this 11th hour and I am excited to continue to battle even at 75 years young!!

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