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IIFM Intercessor

Dan Mitten

Meet Dan

I was saved in 1995 after 5 years of marriage. Through the years, The Lord has really used Annaliese and I to do a lot of marriage counseling in our home.

We have always taken that as a great honor as we believe in transparent and real communication, sometimes tough to journey through but worth the commitment. We have always followed Peace in our home, marriage and life. When something comes against that Peace, we go to war.


I had worked in the construction trade for years before stepping into the Maintenance Engineer role at Providence Centralia Hospital, where I served for many years. I took with me lifelong friendships and was thankful for that window in time. Now, I am basically retired.

I like to spend my time stewarding over my family, guiding and directing them in Truth pointing always towards the Father.

I support Annaliese and the vision she feels led at all turns in her journey with Jesus. Many have speculated through the years that I am not as committed or spiritually strong because I'm not as visual as Annaliese but we are a team, where she goes, what she does and when she is battling I am right there with her and vice versa. We are a team always and support each others callings, giftings and Holy Spirit led life.

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