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IIFM Intercessor


Meet Andrea!

My name is Andrea Kellems (aka. Andi) I have been with the Lord my whole life.


I grew up in the Lutheran Church, Young Life in HS, and when I was 30 years old I walked into a wonderful church, where I was able to learn so much. It was while at this church, I attended many more classes, and began working in the pastoral care department and learned the Restoring the Foundations Ministry which we took to Mexico and Africa several times.

I've been married 41 years, have 4 children, and 15 grands. I am a blessed woman indeed.


I now work for very special friends who we met from our time in church, and feel that I'm to work for them and help steward their beloved "Ice Chips" company in this season.


It sometimes feels we have church at work, as we are always praying and believing! I'm a lover of all things Jesus, and a hater of evil.

I love people, and am a "Mother To Many" (Prophetic Word I received several times) from my years with Jesus. I have a running conversation with the Father all day, and He is faithful to listen. And.

Answer....Hes so good to me!

I consider it an honor to pray and contend for others, showing them the love of the Father. I know with IIFM Father will open doors for me to share the Revelation He gave me of Loving Oneself.

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