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Word from Father today to me

Updated: Feb 4

Sometimes, I just like to type and see what pours out as there is no right or wrong when you are just pondering, writing, thinking and just being in the I type I listen to Holy Spirit and pray....I ask what do You want to say to me Lord, what would You like to talk about, what can I just listen and You reveal Yourself more to me..... and my job is to just yield to Him and His voice to me...For me I actively and out loud bind any other spirit besides the Holy Spirit from speaking to me...I know I have this authority in the Word of God as "whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in Heaven"...I don't want any influence to crowd out the Lords voice in my spirit and heart. I want only what He has to say as I try very hard not to dissect what He is saying or allow the residue of unworthy flesh to immediately annul what Father is speaking...Its a place of trust...I trust Him more than I trust me regardless of my feelings of lack in any area.

* There is a time at hand that your Yes needs to be yes...stop waiting to say no. I have called and I will deploy. It is not up to those who think that are in power and have authority. I will overshadow my remnant and those that oppose her will be stricken. I will place my hedge of protection over my Ekklasia and they will not be seen as they approach the enemies camp, I will make the enemy blind and dull all senses but My Children will have every weapon needed because they know my voice and will pick up what I say to pick up and will place down what I say to place down. They are no longer running to others for approval but are standing at the Throne of Heaven getting their marching orders from me alone. I will send as I see fit. The leaders who have lead many into dullness will be taken down. Their time is over, I am done watching them play church. My Church is the Body of Christ as all who call upon My name are Mine, I lose none. I do not seek permission to allow My Spirit to flow, sow and go. I am Jehovah-jireh, I will provide what is needed for My Sons and Daughters. They are lights set on a hill and they are beacons that shine their lights in the darkness. No one will put out their lights. The time is here that wickedness will be plundered in a strength that wont be mistaken as something other than me, says the Lord. I will no longer allow the realm of darkness to skate by but am making and will make a show openly of them... Those who are on the fence walking in 2 separate camps will have to choose whom they will serve. My sheep hear my voice and they are mine. They will not be condemned and every voice that rises against them, I will defend. I am done . I will not listen to excuses but My Word is true and binding. I have a blood covenant with My Bride. They hear My voice, that is part of their inheritance. My Bride is praying Come quickly Lord, come quickly. I am here, I am with you, I wont leave you, I wont forsake you but there are more spaces at My table....Pray to be used to call them home, invite them to the table so they can taste and know it is good.

Father, I hear You and what You have spoken to me. May I never stand in Your way of bringing Your goodness to anyone because of lack in any area in my walk on this earth. Father, I AM YOURS regardless of any place of fear or feeling. Help me to push through to not stay juvenile but be a mature daughter for You accomplishing every assignment You call me to. May I not hinder ever....that is my prayer...In Jesus mighty name....So Be It!

Water color image of woman sitting, leaned over to floor, hands up in prayer

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