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Paid in FULL by the Precious Blood of Jesus

Updated: Feb 4

Im reading a book about encounters with Heaven. Over the years I have read similar books and seen many movies about Heaven encounters, visions, visitations as they bring such an encouragement to ones soul. Its easy to discern what is from the Heart of Heaven and what is from the spirit of this world in these encounters...If they don't all point to Jesus then it is false...Not a heavy revy just Truth of the Gospel.

It was one of these encounters with Heavens testimony that helped bring my husband, Dan to the Lord in 1995. The Hope, Joy and Forgiveness you hear is overwhelming and softens hearts. Jesse Duplantis had a Heaven encounter in 1988, I like to watch it on Youtube as he takes you on a journey with him with such zeal and excitement with his Louisiana flair that it is hard not to just weep when you hear of the Lords embrace or the aborted/miscarried children there being raised by the Lord waiting for their parents....He loses NONE and there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus.

In another encounter Im reading today, the Dr. went to Heaven after a horrible car accident. He describes Heaven all "Doctory" with calculations and all that....not my gig BUT what he shares about Heavens library is what just pierced by soul..IF we could just GET THIS it would bring such Freedom....He shares, when someone receives Jesus as Lord and Savior, word gets back to Heaven, Angels in the library pull that persons book and ALL the transgressions in that book PRIOR to receiving Jesus are completely erased, then the Angel opens The Lambs Book of Life and writes their name in it. He saw the sins of others literally erased out of their book and saw his own book and next to his name in red ink was written, "PAID IN FULL BY THE PRECIOUS BLOOD OF JESUS".

In his book, he then saw his spiritual growth noted, how he had grown, who he had led to the Lord...noting "all we take to Heaven with us are the people whom we have impacted and influenced to bring them to Jesus".

What freedom this would bring us from the spirits of performance, toil, worry, stress, anxiety and everything that wants to say, " You must earn", "You must prove", "You must be perfect", "Your not qualified"...ALL these voices from the flesh, devil and the world would be shut down if we could actually TAKE Jesus at His Word and know that IT IS FINISHED!

We ARE covered in the Blood of Christ, our sins ARE washed away, they ARE tossed into the very depths of the ocean, Jesus DOES NOT remember them anylonger.

His blood eradicates sins but if we don't come to Him, our sins remain to testify against us.

Thank you Lord that You see us "as white as snow", You have taken our filthy rags from us and clothed us in Your Righteousness by Your GRACE alone! You owe us nothing but have given us everything. Father, You take the prayers of our ancestors that are still operating in Faith and Life, they don't die because the saint is with You....many of us are a product of Grandmas prayers.

Father for those we love and steward over, may they not leave this world without receiving Jesus into their hearts, may pride be bound from their lives, may idolatry be exposed and not continue to capture their hearts but save them Jesus!

Image of annaliese from high school

Image of three men at church

Thank you Lord for saving this self destructive girl and creating a Warrior.

Thank you Lord for using a vision of Heaven to call Your son, Dan to you


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