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Updated: Feb 4

We are directed to 'Cast Fear" from us, this requires us to do a thing, to believe a thing, to operate in a thing.

What is this THING?

This is Christ IN us, us Abiding IN Him, Trusting what He says is true.

He has given us ALL Power and ALL Authority. We must quit giving it to the enemy to use against us. The enemy ONLY has the power and authority we give him....His kingdom is NOT greater then the Lords, they are NOT equal in any realm, not in strength, authority, rights, power or any such thing.

When Fear shapes our lives, Safety becomes our God and when safety becomes our God, we worship a risk-free life. What a stealing this would be....this tells the enemy, I believe your smoke screen over what the Lord says to me through His Word, that I trust my feelings more than the Promises of Father God.

Lets refuse to give any place to the enemy of our souls!

How do we give him a place?

* Listening to that defeated foe, that lying snake who always questions,

"Did God really say"?

* Being milk toast, fence riding believers

* Striving and performing for man

* Allowing our feelings to dictate our walk and journey here

* Walking in false humility thinking, speaking and acting like we are lowly, lacking and weak~ this actually is a form of pride

* Bringing up our past...failures, falls, sins

* Choosing the Facts, Believing the Facts, Confessing the Facts

Let us Honor Father God by taking Him at His Word

How do we do that?

* Lets choose the Language of God...FAITH

* Lets learn about Declaring and Decreeing

* Lets learn about Spiritual Warfare

* Lets learn about taking back what the enemy has stolen

* Lets learn about the Delegated Authority we have in Him

* Lets be white hot, full of the Holy Spirit Fire

* Lets walk in real, transparent relationship with the Father and all He gives us stewardship over

I am because I AM says I am...Permission not needed

AND the enemy can go to hell taking my past with him!

Image of lion face with text that reads: When the right spirit walks in, the wrong spirits get nervous. extrapolated from James 2:19

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