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Updated: Feb 4

Who's Identity are you going to believe?

Who's report will you give your time, talent and treasure too?

Which Kingdom speaks the loudest to you?

Which voice do YOU allow to dominate your thought life?

Father isn't going to yell like the enemy. He is not going to force his way upon you. You MUST choose who you will follow and then quit messing with the enemy and put him under your feet EXACTLY where Father says he is... If you do not believe this then you will forever cave to the loudest, the bully, the offended, the actual defeated foe. The one that Father says we will look at and say " YOU?? you are the one that caused nations to roar?"

Time is here and now to allow your stance to be known.

Time is here to be fully equipped with the garment of praise.

Time is here to be fully dressed in the mighty armor of God.

Time is here to push your flesh off the fence, get into the realm of the Uncomfortable, where the supernatural becomes our place of abiding.

The enemy IS NOT greater than our God, not greater than His Angels, not more powerful than us. STOP giving your power away by the confession of your mouth!

We ARE Heirs of the Kingdom, we ARE Sons and Daughters, we ARE Kings and Priests, we ARE His anointed and appointed.

Father has no plan B. He is not coming back to set the captive free. WE are commissioned to do that with the Holy Spirit of Power and the Angels, who are ministering agents to the Heirs of Salvation; that IS me and you. WE are to take the enemy's camp, plundering his hold on others. WE are the answer in this lost and dying world, BUT if we stay complacent, lukewarm and milk toast. . . we ARE NO good and actually hurt the Kingdom with our pusillanimous, weak wristed, jellyfish Christianity. NAUSEA!!!

We ARE created for war, not against others, but against EVERY stronghold of the enemy and his kingdom. We ARE to cause violence in his camp, snatching those from hell and introducing them to Love, the powerful love that changes destinies.

There are only 2 Kingdoms... NOW is the time to choose which you will represent, and do it fully~

black and white image of a lion with a little girl resting safely in his front chest and paws

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